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Creative Memories


You'd fit right in with our awesome CM Advisors - they're positive, remarkable people who find joy in helping others connect through their photos.

"Our new CM is fantastic and you don't have to be worried every quarter about getting your minimum orders in - there aren't any minimums! No website fee! I have been a consultant for 10 years and this is the best!" - Susan T. 

"I am so happy with the new CM and the way they work. There is a small team of people (who work 92 hours a day and wear roller skates and magic hats!) who are so responsive to our questions and suggestions. Caleb (new owner) really "gets" our mission and he LISTENS (as do the rest of our wonderful Home Office staff) to what we in the field have to say. I'd say "Don't hesitate - the new CM is awesome." - Phyllis O.

"I was a customer for many years before signing up. I've sold many other products before, but the new CM is EASY!!! The products are the same great quality, Home Office listens and responds, and I have more customers now because of the LOW key - NO pressure sales plan. I LOVE you, CM!" - Joy M.

"I always knew that a company as meaningful and important as CM is would find a way to exist. But this is better than I dared hope! Not only have they done EVERYTHING they promised, but they truly LISTEN and respect us. And, we have our products back! Thank you Caleb and team--it was well worth the wait!" - Cassie O.

"I have stayed with the company through all of the ups and downs and happy I have. The new CM is bringing back the great parts of the old CM and introducing new. I am so happy with the changes. There's no huge risk in joining as an advisor because it is so affordable. Cheers to the new CM!" - Angela A.

DIRECT SALES REINVENTED. Why the new CM is different.


Total freedom  There are no minimum ordering or leadership requirements, so you can choose how and when you work your business. Make money sharing high quality products and a meaningful mission however you wish for just $59/year - which includes your website!


Simplicity  It's a breeze to sign up, to set up your personal link and to begin sharing it. And signing downline Advisors is as simple as sending them your link.


Choice  You can put your link up on your social media page, website or blog and call it a day, or actively serve customers and welcome team members. As long as you're current on your annual fee ($59), you're an Advisor and can earn as you choose.


Income In addition to your product profit, you'll earn on your downline Advisors' sales immediately. Whether you have a team of one or one hundred, there are no tricky leadership requirements, titles or team performance hurdles. The higher your own account balance, the more you'll earn...up to 8% on downline sales! It's so simple, you'll know exactly what you're surprises or complicated math.


Flexibility You can share and sell however you'd like (with only one exception: a fixed retail location). Share online, one-on-one, at crops, tradeshows, via parties...the choice is yours!  
Oh, and did we mention you can have another direct sales business? We don't mind a bit.

In direct sales people talk about "Career Plans," which can be crazy-complicated. Ours? As straightforward as it gets. It's based on your annual volume, what we call an account balance. The more you and your customers order over the course of 12 months, the more you earn. And you can start earning on a team right from the start (even if you have a personal $0 account balance.)

Advisors order at retail and your 'discount' is returned in the form of a profit check weekly. You're paid BOTH your profits and commissions weekly, so there's no waiting on an end-of month payday. And because you're ordering at retail, there's no worry about remitting sales tax, and your balance grows that much faster.

Earnings plan

As an Advisor, you can also receive account credits. With each $2400 in purchases in your account in a calendar month, and/or for each $2400 your group of Advisors do in a month, you will earn a $120 account credit.

Former Creative Memories Consultant?  If you were familiar with the Creative Memories plan, this comparison chart may be helpful:

CM/Creative Memories earning chart comparison


You can take it fast or slow, and work as you'd like to fit your lifestyle and your goals.  

If you'd like to sign under a current Advisor, you'll want to contact them for their link: CM Advisor Locator.  Or you can sign up directly to Home Office.


  1. There is a fee (currently set at $59) which Advisors must pay when signing up and annually thereafter (receive a $30 Account Credit with Early Annual Renewal). It covers the ongoing cost of producing and maintaining sales tools. This is the only mandatory amount payable to join as an AdvisorNew Advisor $15 Account Credi

    • Upon signup, you get your own personal account and are able to set up a personalized link to share with customers via email, social media, your blog or website, in person, etc.
    • After signup, you will receive a $15 Account Credit to be used on any product order within 30 days. The coupon code will be available in your Advisor back office, Account Credits page upon signup.
    • You will also have your own login to place orders and access Advisor back office resources, part of the Sales Tools.
  2. As an Advisor, your Retail Profit Rate (the % at which you earn Retail Profits on sales) and Group Commission Rate (the % at which you earn Commissions on your downline Group Sales) are based on the balance of your own Account.

    Account balances reflect accumulated purchases over a 12-month period and include both Customer purchases as well as purchases by Advisors (there are no minimums and no personal purchase requirements to become or remain an Advisor).
  3. If other Advisors sign under you (your "Group"), you may also earn commissions when they sell products. We do not reward Advisors for merely signing up others.

    These Group Commissions, at the Group Commission Rate (table, above) are based on sales by those Advisors who sign under you. You can have any number of Advisors sign under you. The Commission Rate you earn on your Group depends on your own personal Account Balance.

Love the next level of detail? Click here for FAQs and click here for Policies and Compensation Policies.

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