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Tens of thousands of new friends are waiting for you.

Have a passion for photos, memory-keeping or crafting? You’re in the right place! Of course we have amazing products — CM Advisors get to enjoy a discount on them, PLUS we have Advisor-exclusive products, a private community filled with ideas and inspiration and extra income that can be “fun money” or a full-time gig!

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What are the best CM Advisor perks?

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Whether you’re here because you LOVE the product, are seeking a community of crafters or looking for some extra cash for a night out or a car payment, we have a place for you!

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With no monthly requirements, you decide where, when and what type of events you host. The more you do, the more you earn.

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You get to choose how you want to grow: holding Beginner Classes, crops, virtual events or selling online. Our Advisor Success Coaches will support you along the way with training courses, coaching calls, webinars and more.

what does it cost? just $59

Get $60 to spend on any assortment of Creative Memories products when you join for just $59/year!


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Who is this for?

Everyone, Of Course!

Whether you want to gather a few friends once a month to crop or grow your business into a full-time job, you are welcome at CM.

We have Advisors who are happy being at Level 2 and Advisors who are Level 5 with $50,000+ Account Balances and teams of 50+. We encourage each Advisor to set their own goals and definitions of success.

So, if you’d like to start as a personal-use Advisor, no problem. (Inside scoop: Most of our top Advisors started that way.)

Here is a quick view of some of CM’s Customer and Advisor perks:

  Customer Advisor
World-class products Yes Yes
Monthly Virtual Crops Yes Yes
New products & promotions Yes Yes
Sneak peeks & exclusive products No Yes
Earning $ on every order No Yes
Earnings on team sales No Yes
Free URL & event promotion No Yes
Advisor-only groups No Yes
Coaching calls No Yes
Home Office connection No Yes

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Redeem this FREE GIFT with your first product order!

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The more you share CM, the more your earnings, knowledge, connections and confidence will grow! We have several product options to help you start hosting events and classes right away. Whether it’s a girls’ night out making cards, hosting your first crop or helping a customer complete their first album, you’ll soon see why we call this “heart work.”

Sounds Great, I’m In!

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The day you join you’ll begin earning 10% on products sold, which can grow up to 40%. Most Advisors who have reached Level 4 and 5 never thought they would ever grow a business. If you love the products and our mission for saving family memories, you might grow a business just by doing what you love.


Photos and memories bring me JOY! I can’t believe I get paid to share this passion and I’m grateful for the all the new friendships, recognition and chances to grow and learn.

- Meredith W.

I’m a new Advisor! After attending many crops, I decided to become an Advisor! It has encouraged me to get those photos out of boxes and into albums and to share my life and memories. If I can help others, that’s a bonus!

- Barb M.

Advisor Stories - Creative Thinking

Janna the CM Aadvisor


I said “yes” to the opportunity because I’m a girl who LOVES A DEAL. I made Level 2 in my first 60 days and just hit Level 4!

  • Joined October 2022

Janna’s Story

Susan the CM Aadvisor


My favorite things about being a CM Advisor so far are bringing joy to others by helping them fall in love with their photos...

  • Joined February 2022

Susan’s Story

Kelly the CM Aadvisor


The biggest win from CM was that I gained another “family.” They love me and accept me for who I am and they make this advising stuff sooooo fun!

  • Joined January 2018

Kelly’s Story

Beckie the CM Aadvisor


I feel so blessed to be able to totally provide for every need of our family with my Creative Memories business…

  • Joined November 2014

Beckie’s Story

What makes Creative Memories different?

Creative Memories is social selling, REINVENTED.

No Hidden Expenses

You’ll never be stressed trying to meet minimum ordering or inventory requirements. There aren’t any. Other exciting news:

  • Your personal URL is free.
  • You get earnings on everything—catalogues, Advisor Exclusives… if it’s for sale on the site, you’re earning on it

All About Simplicity

If you like a simple formula to know what you’ll earn, you’ll love our plan. The more you sell, the more you make.

  • Cross a new level and get the new percentage immediately!
  • You’ll also get paid weekly with Direct Deposit — no waiting on an end-of-month payday

Add To Your Earnings

Want to earn even more?
You can earn $120 CM Credits:

  • With each $2,400 of Personal Sales in a calendar month and/or
  • With each $2,400 of Group Sales in a calendar month.
  • Use CM Credits for your own purchases or as rewards for customers or your team.

How it Works

Profit Rate

Earn 10-40% on your
Personal Sales

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 25%
  • Level 3: 30%
  • Level 4: 35%
  • Level 5: 40%

12-Month Volume

As your sales grow,
so do your earnings.

  • $0 - $650
  • $651 - $2,950
  • $2,951 - $8,850
  • $8,851 - $17,650
  • $17,651+

Commission Rate

Earn 2-8% on your
Downline Advisor’s Sales

  • 2%
  • 5%
  • 6%
  • 7%
  • 8%

Download printable copy


I can’t believe I get paid to share this passion and I’m grateful for the all the new friendships, recognition and chances to grow and learn.

- Henrietta Z.

The greatest surprise to me as an Advisor in the CM Advisor community with the support of of my Upline and fellow team members. I’ve found some amazing people through this business and I am so grateful for that.

- Meridith C.


  • With the closure of Close to My Heart, is there a transition plan for Makers?

    Yes, and we are happy to welcome CTMH Makers and customers to Creative Memories. We understand how tough this can be to manage and are happy to help answer any questions you may have: [email protected]. If you were a CTMH Maker and are the equivalent of a Level 3 or higher on the Creative Memories plan, there is a transition offer you can apply to that is explained on Page 2 of the PDF you can view here.

  • Is there a starter kit?

    Instead of an assortment of prescribed products, when you join CM you’ll receive CM Credits to use toward the purchase of any products you would like AND you’ll receive a free gift bundle. Get all the details here:

  • Do I need to sign up under another Advisor?

    We suggest joining a current Advisor’s team when you join, but you can also join directly with Home Office. If you choose to do that, you are welcome to ask to be on another Advisor’s team in the future and the Customer Service Team can make that change for you.

  • How often do you introduce new products?

    We launch a new product collection at the beginning of each month. There is also generally a mini launch and/or promotion offered mid-month.

  • Do you have promotions?

    We sure do! We offer frequent promotions like buy one, get one; exclusive gifts with purchase; discounted products; and more.

  • Are there minimum ordering requirements or inventory requirements?

    Nope and nope! We hope that you’ll enjoy the product launches, complete albums and share CM with your friends, family and network while you’re an Advisor. But we do not require any minimums and discourage building inventory.

  • How do I get paid?

    You will receive your earnings weekly when you sign up for Direct Deposit. Advisors order their own products at the full retail price (so you have the same ordering experience your customers do) and then will receive earnings to be directly deposited into your bank account each week.

  • What support is available for new Advisors?

    You’ll find support and encouragement from your Upline Advisor, in the items in your signup free gift bundle, on the New Advisor Facebook Group, within our helpful, go-at-your-own-pace Advisor-only My Courses, from our Advisor Success Coaches and from our Customer Service Team. You’ll also have a full suite of marketing resources available at your fingertips.

  • If I want to start fast, what should I do?

    First, pat yourself on the back — that is great! Your Upline will be a great help. And once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a series of emails to help you with next steps, including joining the New Advisor Facebook Group.

  • Is Creative Memories a direct sales company?

    Yes. In our social selling model, Creative Memories Advisors run their businesses their own way, earning 10-40% on product orders. They can have a team one level deep and earn 2-8% on their team members’ sales. Some ask if Creative Memories could be considered an MLM, or multi-level marketing company and the answer to that is a definitive “no” because our earnings plan has one level. We also run a transparent business with no order minimums. If you sign up to become an Advisor, you are an Advisor as long as you choose to renew. Our social selling plan allows our Independent Advisors to grow at their own pace: start a business with a small group of scrapbookers, family and friends, grow your own social media or YouTube business using your affiliate link or host weekend retreats with 100+ attendees. Because you can grow a team at Creative Memories, you can grow as a leader and teach the women around you to excel in their own businesses. Our business model offers the best of everything: earn on your sales and develop a customer base and/or team to create the community that our Advisors say “fills their cup” and creates lifelong friendships. Best of all, do it your way.

  • Who owns Creative Memories and what is its history?

    Caleb Hayhoe is the proud owner of Creative Memories, purchasing the business in 2014. You can learn more about the “new” Creative Memories and the company’s rich history on Our Story.

  • Do Advisors have to pay taxes on their earnings?

    Advisors are independent business owners and federal/state/provincial laws vary, so you will want to consult your tax professional for advice.

  • If an Advisor’s Account Balances is annual, what happens after your first year?

    Your first year is the year to build your balance, which is built by your orders and your customers’ orders. Then beginning your second year, your Account Balance begins “rolling.” This means it is based on your last 365 days of sales, so as each new day comes, the orders from that day the year prior rolls off. If you would like more detail on how the Account Balance works, you’ll want to check out this helpful video.

  • Do Advisors renew annually?

    Yes. If you are not set up for auto-renewal, as you near the end of your first year as an Advisor, you will have the opportunity to renew and the system will send you reminders. Once you renew ($59), you will receive $30 in CM Credits to use on your next product purchase.

  • If I have more questions, who should I ask?

    We’d love to hear from you! Please email [email protected] and one of our Advisor Success Coaches will answer your questions and help you out.

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