COVID-19 Scrapbook

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  1. Staycation Decorative Bundle

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  2. Staycation Paper Pack (12/pk)

    Special Price CA$9.00 Regular Price CA$11.00
  3. Staycation Variety Mat Pack (24/pk)

    Special Price CA$9.00 Regular Price CA$11.00
  4. Staycation Embellishments

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  5. Staycation Stickers (3/pk)

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  6. Disposable Non-Surgical Face Masks

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Shop for COVID-19 scrapbook supplies and non-surgical, disposable face masks at Creative Memories. 

We know many of you are scrapbooking your day-to-day experiences during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. To spread hope and encouragement and to help you document your experiences, we’ve created the Love Each Other scrapbook kit and limited-time album cover. And at this time, when it is recommended by the World Health Organization to protect yourself and others by wearing a non-medical face mask, our team has also worked hard to bring our Advisors and customers face masks at cost. And, for every mask that we make available for purchase, we are donating a mask to care homes and facilities who serve at-risk individuals in the United States.