8x8 School Days Album Kit


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Busy moms and beginner scrapbookers, if you have annual school photos you’ve been wishing you could get into an album but the process has seemed a bit too… overwhelming… good news! The 8x8 School Day Album Kit is a fun and manageable way to get those school photos into an album you can proudly share with family and friends! This beginner scrapbooking kit comes with everything you need to create your album, PLUS you’ll get FREE shipping on orders with the kit!

What your kit includes:

  • 8x8 School Days Album: This bookcloth album comes filled with 15 predesigned pages with subtle, neutral patterns and yearly titles to help guide you through where to place photos from preschool until graduation. It’s time to print out those first-day of school photos! (*Album also available sold separately from the kit.)
  • School Stickers: 3 Sheets of stickers with titles, school-themed icons and complementing border stickers.
  • Tape Runner: Known to elicit the exclamation, “Oh my gosh, this is cool!” You’ll never be the same after you have used the best Tape Runner in the world to adhere your photos.
  • Foam Squares: Add some dimensional pop to your pages.
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen: Journal those memories you never want to forget.
  • Micro-Tip Scissors: More than just for scrapbooking, these precision scissors will cut all the angles around your photos… you are going to wish that you had these back in high school.

How to use your album: It’s easy! Simply choose your 2 favourite photos for each year (you can accommodate more if you use photos smaller than 4x6 or choose to cut your photos), adhere them to the pages for that month (e.g., Preschool, Kindergarten, etc., up through Graduation), decorate your pages with stickers and journal your child’s milestone moments.

The 8x8 School Days Album Kit includes:

  • 8x8 School Days Album — cover made with ebony bookcloth material and a foiled composition notebook design; filled with 15 predesigned pages
  • Back To School Stickers (3/pk)
  • Tape Runner
  • Foam Squares (2/pk)
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen
  • Micro-Tip Scissors
  • $9 savings
  • FREE shipping on orders with the kit
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