Blue Custom Cutting System Blade Cartridge

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Designed for use with the patented Creative Memories Custom Cutting System, this blade makes cuts 5/16" from the edge of a Custom Cutting System Pattern. Collect all three (red, blue and green) blades for varying cut depths. Perfect when you want clean, precise and ergonomically comfortable cutting. Engineered to cleanly, perfectly make up to 500 cuts.
See how to use the Custom Cutting System in this video 

  • Clean, precise and ergonomically comfortable blue custom cutting blade cartridge
  • Cuts 5/16" depth from Custom Cutting System pattern
  • For use with Creative Memories Custom Cutting System
  • Blade engineered for up to 500 cuts
  • To expose the blade, pull from the tabs on either side of the cartridge to remove the blade from the base. Flip it over and insert it back into the cartridge
  • 90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects
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